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Animal lover, human endurer, embroidery quote

Animal lover, human endurer, embroidery quote

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Are you someone who cuddles with critters but tolerates humans? Or perhaps you prefer the company of furballs over the drama of everyday life? Well, fret not, fellow animal enthusiast, because we've got the perfect piece to celebrate your love of animals!

This hilarious cross-stitch is a paw-some testament to your love for all things furry, feathery and scaly. Hang it proudly on your wall, display it on your desk, or gift it to that friend who's a pet whisperer but a people dodger. Let's face it; this stitch speaks to our soul on a level no mere words can capture. Having this displayed will show those people nearby that they really should just leave you alone.

So, fellow animal lover and human endurer, let this cross-stitch be your daily dose of humour and therapy. Embrace the chaos, cuddle the critters, and laugh off life's little insanities with this delightful masterpiece. After all, with animals by your side, you can conquer the world!

  • Displayed in 3 inch hoop
  • Comes with hanging ribbon
  • Backed in green and white flowered fabric


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