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Back off or I'll bite you, completed cross stitch quote

Back off or I'll bite you, completed cross stitch quote

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This stitch is armed and dangerous with a warning to make even the bravest souls think twice before crossing your path. Are you tired of nosy neighbours? Annoying co-workers? Or maybe that one relative who just won't stop poking their nose into your business? Fear not, for this cross stitch has got your back, and it's armed with teeth!

Hang it on your door, display it in your office, or place it front and centre at family gatherings - because everyone needs to know that your boundaries are to be respected, or they might just end up with a nibbled finger or two!

But don't worry, we promise it's all in good fun! This cross stitch is the perfect blend of humour and warning, making it a unique and quirky addition to your space. Plus, it's a great conversation starter for those who dare to challenge your boundaries.

So, embrace your inner guard dog and get your paws on this "Back Off or I'll Bite You" cross stitch now! Your territory, your rules - and if anyone crosses the line, well, they've been warned! And really, it's the only way some people will learn...

  • Size - 8 inch hoop
  • Hoop decorated with ribbon on the outer edge
  • Backed with co-ordinating fabric
  • Comes with hanging ribbon

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